Waterfall Speech & Swallowing Therapy PLLC is located at 300 North Forest Road in Williamsville, NY, inside the North Presbyterian Church building.

The building is the location of a variety of community resources.

Find us at the Y-intersection of North Forest Road & Union Road (NY-277).

  • Free parking with easy access to entry-level office

  • Convenient location off of NY-290 from Sheridan Drive & Main Street exits

  • Also accessible from NFTA-bus stop on Main Street

(Bus Route #48 Williamsville) with a 0.6 mile walk on sidewalks. Travel northwest along Union Road.

Insurance services are required to be provided in office.

Self-pay services may be able to be provided in-person at child's location pending SLP availability

  • home

  • daycare

  • after school program

Teletherapy: anywhere in New York State.